image Excuse me? Chex Quest? What the hell is that? Chex Quest was a rather unique DOOM license released by General Mills on a CD stuffed free into boxes of Chex Cereals.

Chex Quest is by far the strangest of the DOOM Licenses. It did not bring any of the new technologies that Raven put into Heretic or Hexen, nor that Rogue Entertainment put into Strife. What it did do was make a DOOM license that children could play.

The plot was as simple as that of DOOM: The hero, a piece of Chex Cereal with arms and legs, volunteers to be sent off to the Bazoik Nutritional Development Center, which is infested with soggy Flemoids; beasts who destroy all nutritious breakfast foods. Armed with weapons that bloodlessly send these beings back to their home world, our hero scours the base, disposing the Flemoids and making breakfast safe for children all over the world. image
image The Weapons of DOOM were interestingly replicated in Chex Quest:
Num Weapon           Doom Version
1   BootSpoon        Fist
1   Robo-Spoon       Chainsaw
2   Mini-Zorcher     Pistol (3rd picture)
3   Large Zorcher    Shotgun 
4   Rapid Zorcher    Chain Gun (4th picture)
5   Propulser        Rocket Launcher
6   Phasing Zorcher  Plasma Rifle (5th picture)
7   Laz Device       BFG 9000
The idiosyncrasies of DOOM's weapons were also carried over - reloading the Large Zorcher/Shotgun, the rotating barrel of the Rapid Zorcher/Chain Gun, the Propulser/Rocket Launcher being dangerous at close range and the Phasing Zorcher/Plasma Gun missiles obscuring your vision.

Digging through the CHEX.WAD file reveals why - Chex Quest is little more than a DOOM Total Conversion. Most of the sounds, graphics and music was replaced. The sprites for most monsters were replced with new images, while others were replaced with blank images. Not all of the original DOOM artwork was excised, though: the bullet-riddled "The End" and the "Dead Bunny" picture from the end of DOOM are still there, but never used.

image Was Chex Quest a good game? Well, it wasn't bad. In fact, it was better than most of the games based on the Wolfenstein 3D engine. I don't remember if I ever finished Chex Quest. It didn't live on my hard drive for very long. Hell, I don't even know where the CD-ROM for it is. I will say that it is the only DOOMish game that my wife ever played.

26 March 2001. I would like to thank DNSPagan who went to all the trouble of making a copy of Chex Quest for me so I could get these screenshots. Updated the information on the page and corrected an embarrassingly high number of typo's and grammer errors. Removed dead links for Heretic and Hexen. :(

Chex, Chex Quest, any and all logos and graphics thereof are copyright by General Mills Inc.