December 10, 1993. A day that would change my life. The day id Software released the very first shareware version of DOOM. The day FTP servers across the Internet were brought to their knees.

For the next three years DOOM was my life. I got into the usenet DOOM newsgroups in a big way. I created my own DOOM maps (not many, as I was one of those anal-retentive "quality over quantity" types, that and I had a hard time knowing when to declare something done). On January 30, 1994 I conducted a poll of DOOM players in the newsgroup, Frans P de Vries found a copy of the final results and I've HTMLized it over to the left. I played almost nothing but DOOM until id Software released Quake.

For several years I was the coordinator for the usenet newsgroup. I joined the RGCD cabal "steering committee" in order to promote Internet fascism help make the* newsgroups useful for the people looking for help with various aspects with DOOM. It was here that I received my first Internet handle: MadDog - given to me for my habit of slamming jerks who belittled newbies for "asking the same damned questions every freaking day!". I was a bit of a hothead, but I was always helpful to newbies.

DOOM was not my first id Software game, not by a long shot. Before DOOM I had played Commander Keen and Wolfenstein 3D quite extensively. I had made contributions to Stan Stasiak's Wolfenstein 3-D and SoD FAQ. I had also created a collection of six Wolfenstein maps that I released under a pseudonym as Apogee had been busy rattling their swords in anger over people releasing custom Wolf 3-D maps.

The Doom Handbook on the left is a project I've had on the back burner for several years. It all stemmed from my dissatisfaction with Hank Luekharts' Official DOOM FAQ. I was originally going to create the Renegade DOOM FAQ but decided against it as I really did not want to get into a FAQ war with Hank. Well, the handbook is not a FAQ and this is my site. So I'm putting all the pieces together and building the damned thing. Who cares if it is a few years too late.

NOTE: In the documentation linked to the left, unless otherwise specified when I refer to "DOOM" I mean both DOOM and DOOM 2.

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