Updated 23 November 2000.
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DOOM and DOOM 2 Links.
  • id Software's DOOM / DOOM 2 Archives
  • Gamers.Org Mirror of the old id Games archive.
  •, a great site for DOOM and other older 3D games.
  • doom nation, a gaming news site dedicated to DOOM. Closed.
  • The DOOM Deathmatcher's Bible, hosted by Closed
  • PHOAKS DOOM page. Looks like they have a lot of information here. Closed.
  • DOOM as a Sysadmin Tool is very humorous site mixing DOOM and Unix. Closed.
  • glDOOM, Bruce Lewis' now defunct Open GL port of DOOM. Frag.Com is down and probably dead.
  • ZDOOM, a Win95/NT port of DOOM with many cool features.
  • DOOM Legacy., again, Frag.Com is down.
  • WildCard Designs have a port of DOOM for BeOS - Wildcard has closed. :(
  • BeOS DOOM port by Chris Herborth. If anyone has a valid link to this I'd like to get it.
  • Acorn DOOM
  • DOOM for Windows CE
REC.GAMES.COMPUTER.DOOM.* Usenet newsgroup related links:

It's kind of sad how more and more of these pages vanish as time goes by.