The 30 screenshots on these pages are from the two pre-release zip files that id Software released to the world before DOOM was published. They represent some of the earliest images of DOOM that exist.


This blown-up screenshot shows one of the early HUDs that id Software had considered for DOOM. As you can see from the status windows, DOOM was originally going to be a more complex game that what it turned out to be. What you would need the Captain's Hand for is a mystery. Maybe you used it with The Heart Of Lothar.

While the HUD may look very busy, it severely reduces the amount of screen real estate that must be updated with each frame. The "viewscreen" has the dimensions of 240x144 pixels, resulting in a total of 34,560 pixels, only 54% of the 64,000 pixels needed to fill a 320x200 fullscreen image. On slower systems this would have greatly increased the framerate of the game.

The images below are full-sized 320x200 screenshots, not thumbnails.


DOOM SCREENSHOT The map makers are starting to play with light and shadow.


DOOM SCREENSHOT That Imp is not long for this world.


DOOM SCREENSHOT That Demon looks hungry!
DOOM SCREENSHOT A Baron of Hell on the Bridge!


DOOM SCREENSHOT Nice muzzle-flash.