Here is a sampling of some of the short stories and other odd things I've written. Most of what I've written has been lost in the myriad moves that I've had over my life, but here is a collection of things that I have managed to hold onto.

NOTE: All of the items linked here were written by myself, or myself and a friend or two. These items are copyrighted by myself (and the friends who co-wrote those particular pieces) and are NOT placed in the public domain. You may not post these stories to your site or republish them in any way, period, with the sole exception of Whack The Weasel which carries a different copyright statement, as it was previously posted to various Star Trek related newsgroups.

I'd like to thank all my new readers who found me by searching for Mud Wrestling on Google. I bet you were not expecting what you found, were you?

01 - 03 July, 2003. After languishing, forgotten and unloved, for a few years, I've finally gotten around to retooling this section of my page. I've redesigned the format for the stories, updated a few stories and added printable versions for all three off you who asked for them about two years ago.

Silly Shit
Small, quick and often weird pieces written for reasons that escape me now.

Armadillo, a drunk man is pulled over by a kid on a Big Wheel.
Vatican Mud Wrestling, Scott, Kent Joe and I are going to burn for this quicky.
Fuckers, the pressures of academia get the better of me.
A Tale of Three Doinkles(draft 2), the silly crap I'll write to make a girl laugh.

Short Stories
I'm actually not ashamed to put my name on these...

House To House (revised draft, 02 July, 2003), a paintball game with a twist.
Whack The Weasel, in which Weasley Wesley Crusher of Star Trek dies.

True Stories
These Actually Happened, at least, I remember them happening.

Thor VS Grandma, in which Thor tries to eat Grandma.
The Firesign Incident, in which I find a piece of my childhood at a friends house.