Body By Juneau

Welcome to Body By Juneau, a page dedicated to the effects of the wet, salty and often snowy climate of Juneau, Alaska, does to the cars that brave these soggy streets.

The climate of Juneau (pronounced "Joo-no"), Alaska is incredibly hostile to anything made of metal, especially cars. It rains more often here than in Seattle, Washington (but not as often as Ketchikan, AK). Winter temperatures hover for extended periods of time between 30°f - 34°f (-1°c - +1°c), creating an environment in which it alternates between rain and snow, often multiple times a day. This leads to wet, slush-covered streets that can turn into sheet ice overnight.

The roads are often sprayed with gravel and road salt in order that automobile tires can get a grip on the slippery ice and slush. When spinning tires sling all of this sticky, gravel-filled slush onto underside of automobiles it causes what rust proofing there is to be quickly chewed off, leaving cars exposed to the ravages of rust.

I want to stress two points about this page and the cars shown here:

  1. I mean no insult or ridicule to any car, or the the owner of any car listed here. If you see your car listed here and wish it to be removed, just email me at and I'll take it off this page right away (conversely, if you own a rusty Juneau car and wish it to be added to this page email me and we'll work out a time to take a picture).
  2. All of the cars on this page run. These are not cast off junkers left to rot. These are older cars that people are using to fulfill their automotive needs (as there are no roads to Juneau it costs a fair amount of money to have a car hauled away, there are no junk yards that will pay you for your old cars here).

This two-tone silver and blue Subaru Wagon displays classic Subaru rust patterns, progressive rust originating at the edges of the wheel wells. The two-tone color scheme is carried over to the wheel rims with a light tan and rustic orange combination.

A much newer Subaru wagon. At first glance it looks to be in better shape than the previous example, but note the deep rust damage at the edges of the wheel wells. Unlike the car above, actual metal is missing from this car.

You may not believe this, but this is a DIFFERENT car than the one above it. There seem to be a lot of rusty blue Subaru wagons in Juneau. The rims on this car are pretty bad off, no?

While the front of this blue Subaru wagon looks to be in pretty good shape, the back end is starting to show some real damage. We can't see the rust that may be attacking the rims as this car still has hubcaps.

This silver pickup is one of my favorite Juneau Bodies. Not only is there a high level of rust all around, but the rust has eaten clean through the sidewalls of the truckbed in numerous places. Also of note is the metal strips in front of the doors, replacing metal lost to rust or damage. A classic Juneau Body car.

This close-up of the above truck illustrates the horrible rust damage around the gas tank inlet. I've actually seen this car on the road and it does run.

This silver Nissan 4x4 is showing the classic mid-level rust damage that most import pickups suffer; pockmarked sides and progressive rust emanating from the wheel wells.

The front end of this silver Ford pickup displays one of the dangers if not keeping your car waxed; degradation of your paint leading to large areas of your car's steel exposed to the elements. In Juneau that means only one thing - rust.

This side view shows even more "upper body" damage. Amazingly, the wheel wells a showing very little in the way of rust. To hazard a guess, I'd say that this car sat unmoving and unprotected for a long time, rather than having its wheel wells clogged with salty, gravel infested road snow like what damaged all those Subaru wagons shown above.

The rear end of this Tercel hatch-back wagon looks pretty bad off. The front of the car was fairly clear of rust, save the traditional four-wheel drive damage to the wheel wells.

The owner of this full-size pickup truck tried to hide it behind a parking barricade. Too bad, I grabbed a snapshot of it anyway. Note the typical road damage to the lower areas of the panels.

Now this is a classic Juneau Body pickup. This old Toyota has suffered such terrible damage to the rear quarter panels that the bottom halves have fallen off. The other side of this vehicle looks a tiny bit better off than this side, save the truck bed, which looks almost exactly the same.

This pickup is the crown jewel in my scrapbook, but not the rustiest car I've seen in Juneau (I'm still trying to get a snap of that one). Note the extensive rust damage to the lower sections of the panels. A nice Alaskan touch is the hand-made wooden camper shell. It adds just the right rustic feel.

This is a closeup of the rear panel of the truck above. Notice the shock cord ("bungie cord" to some) holding the camper shell down. It is actively tearing the weakened metal open, increasing the rust penetration.

At first glance this jeep looks to be in good shape. Closer inspection reveals pretty deep, but tightly localized, rust around the wheel wells, along the undersides of the side panels and just above the rear bumper. The wooden cargo rack adds just the needed frontier flair.

Not only are the rear panels of this pickup falling off the vehicle, the rear bumper looks to have surrendered the greater part of its chrome plating to the inevitable rust. One can only guess why the tailgate was replace.

Not only has this out of towner lost most of its paint to rust (it does not look so bad because the truck is wet) but the owner is carting around a large, and very rusty tool chest in the back. The odd coloring caused by the wetness of the truck and the lighting try to suggest less damage than the missing sections of the rear panels reveal.

The front end of this Toyota looks to be not too bad off, considering the dents and bruises, but the rear end is showing really bad signs of rust. There are numerous spots where the rust has eaten right through the metal, exposing the inner sidewalls to the world.

This blue Honda Accord is not only showing the telltale signs of road hazard rust, but it has also lost its rear bumper to this plague of all things steel.

A shot of the car above from a different angle, just to show that the damage was pretty even to both sides.

This formerly white pickup shows the classic pickup truck rear-end pattern rusting. What makes this vehicle different than most in this collection is that the owner has actually tried toy repair the damage at sometime in the past. I think that's bondo on that wheel well.