Goodbye To Bad Rubbish

As we pass from 1999 to 2000 I have taken some time out to make a list of things, ideas and people that should just be buried in soft peat and forgotten.

  1. VH-1's obsession with "Divas"; Maria Carey, Madonna, Celine Dion, etc... (and get rid of the damned Divas while we're at it.)
  2. Teeney-bopper corporate crap bands. *Nsync, Back Street Boys, Britney Spears, etc...
  3. Anchorage raping the economies of the rest of Alaska.
  4. Alaska Airlines raping the residents of Juneau.
  5. Y2K hysteria.
  6. The continued attack on the First Amendment by pro-censorship zealots hiding behind the shield of "We must protect the children"
  7. Car drivers too busy talking on their cell phones to keep their minds on what they are doing. Drive or get the fuck off the road! (Yes, I mean you.)
  8. Scientology.
  9. Spam (not the meat).
  10. Blaming the youth for all the problems of America. Ever think that screwed up kids come from screwed up parents? (Don't like that, do you?)
  11. Star Trek Movies. No more, please. Let the franchise die with what little dignity it still has.
  12. Star Wars movies. The first one was the best and they've been going downhill with each new movie. Considering what a piece of festering ratshit Episode One was, how bad are the others going to be?
  13. Our ratings hungry press making celebrities out of killers.
  14. Amiga computers. They're dead, get over it.
  15. School systems that think computers are a cost-effective replacement for teachers. Hello! Our educational system is going into the toilet! These kids need teachers, not computers and (God forbid) "educators".
  16. "Make Money Now".
  17. Barbara Striesand.
  18. ZD-TV. Damn, how lame can a network get? What utter crap!
  19. Fuck it. Ziff-Davis, period. You'd think MicroSoft already owned this company from the content of their crappy computer magazines.
  20. Wired magazine. "Cosmo" for the techno-wanna-be's.
  21. got there first. (Looks like Etoys has a clue after all.)
  22. Software patents for really obvious programming solutions.
  23. Script Kiddies.
  24. Crappy movie remakes of classic television shows.
  25. ISA expansion cards for PCs. The ISA bus is dead.
  26. USB speakers. Nice idea, but they just don't work for shit.
  27. Serial and PS/2 Mice. Long live USB!
  28. S Club Seven (Make it stop! Dear God, make it stop!)
  29. The Olson Twins
  30. People running from the cops for minor traffic incidents (do you idiots really want to die?)
  31. Sports Utility Vehicles! (Come on, the gas mileage stinks, they're over priced and you look like an idiot driving that thing.)
  32. Vanity License plates that are made out in the model name of the car. (There is a Hummer in town with a license plat that reads "HUMMER". I kid you not.)
  33. Political Correctness. Good manners are a Good Thing™, but the Thought Police can bite my hairy ass.
  34. The plight of women in India and China (among others). Aborting female fetuses, infanticide of female babies, "Dowery Murders", etc... That is some seriously fucked up shit. (Who the hell are your sons going to marry if all the women have been killed? Think, damnit!)
  35. The fucked up drug laws in the USA. Why is it that someone smoking pot will more than likely get a longer prison sentence than a murderer?
  36. The clueless fucks who have infested the "Free Software" and "Open Source" movements who believe that they are entitled to take whatever they want without ever having to pay for it. (But God forbid you should take something of theirs). These spolied "Johhny-come-latelies" are really screwing up what could be a very good thing. (" The information wants to be free" my hairy ass.)
  37. People posting 100-part video files to Usenet newsgroups. 99% of the time at least one piece ends up missing and then you end up with endless requests for reposts.
  38. People who spend all their damned time whining! Losers! (Hey!)

01 JAN 2000