Welcome to Richard Ward's Rants page.

This is THE place where I let vent all those frustrations and complaints that pester the f*ck hell out of me.

This page exists due to an email that I received from a reader of this page (one of my three loyal suckups fans) asking me why I didn't have a Rant Page. He commented on the fact that in all of the years he'd known me that he'd never known me not to bitch and moan endlessly let my feelings be known about things that no one gives a sh!t about annoy me or simply strike me on the back of the head as patently absurd.

I thought about it for a few minutes and said "Damnit, he's right! What's missing in my life is a place where I can bitch and moan about all kinds of crap and no one can contradict me!" And here it is. Over to the left is a menu of all my rants to date. Enjoy!