Forced Web Browser Upgrade

Today's rant is about jackass webmasters who have decided to force me to upgrade my web browser against my will.

My browser of choice is Netscape 3.04g. Why? Because it does what I want. It can load a page from a base directory on my harddrive and navigate it like it was on a web server which is very helpful when doing web development as I can traverse all of the local links and they all work. Also I really like Netscape 3's layout; the "Bookmarks" button is right where it belongs. I also like that it is a much smaller footprint than either Netscape 4.x or Internet Explorer.

In recent months I've run across an increasing number of websites run by jerk-offs who've decided that HTML 3.2 is not good enough. Who've decided that supporting Netscape 3 is a waste of time. And for what unique new can't-live-without-it content? Not a damned thing. Just text and pictures, just like everyone else.

You want to know the part that really gets to me? Not only do they not work with Netscape 3 they don't even bother to check my browser version and shuffle me off to a "This site won't work" page. I just get stuck with a mostly blank browser window with a few lines of hemorrhaged JavaScript wrapped around a banner ad box. *cough**cough*.

The other group of ass-biters that get under my skin are these jerks who will only let you onto their site if your are using the latest version of one specific web browser. Nine times out of ten it turns out to be Internet Explorer. Guess what, dumbass, you need my visits to earn your keep from your banner ads. I don't need your site. Thank you oh so much for supporting operating systems other than Windows and MacOS, dirtbags.

Now, I'm not a luddite, far from it. I have upgraded my computer so many times that none of it has ever been in my possession long enough for the warranty to expire. But all those upgrades were my choice. I decided when and what I wanted to upgrade.

I'll upgrade when I'm damned good and ready, and not until then. To date there is no browser that can replace Netscape 3.04g for what I need and what I want. Those sites who only want to support the latest and greatest can go to hell. I can get my news and entertainments elsewhere.
04 NOV 1999

Well, I was finally pushed to upgrading to version 4 of Netscape. Turns out that all versions of Netscape older than version 4.08 are not Y2K compliant. They work, but they freak out when trying to access secure sites.
04 JAN 2000.

I've just upgraded my site to rely on cascading style sheets. This makes the page next to useless for people without CSS support in their browsers. So, yeah. Fuck me.
24 MAY 2004.