An anecdote from Denis Papp

DOOM generated an incredible amount of hype, and prompted an incredible amount of pre-release talk. This included people asking when it was coming out, "wouldn't it be cool if ...", what features would it have, and so on. This got a little annoying, so to poke fun at this phenomenon someone created parallel hype for a fictional game with the acronym SPISPOPD.

Some people (jokingly) theorized that DOOM was just a scam to generate a lot of attention, and combined with this the SPISPOPD hype exploded. I recall jumping in on it in the spirit of trolling.

Here are a couple that aren't pre-DOOM.

I heard that the day DOOM was released, the ftp servers were so busy that the guys from id software couldn't even log on to upload the game.

DOOM was also one of the buggiest software releases that I recall - it failed to run properly on numerous systems out there. When it came out we got together and went through the hours of pain to get a LAN working. Once the LAN was up we started playing. Playing consistent of running around hooting and hollering shooting each other for about 2 minutes, until the game crashed. But we didn't care, we just rebooted, and got it all going again.

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