SPISPOPD in Other Games


I received an email from Seth Cohn, creator of the FAQ that this page is for, about an old Quake mod based on SPISPOPD. There isn't a whole lot to the mod - an incomplete map, a small patch of pumpkins, a grunt with a shotgun trying to kill you and his mean dog. You can download the mod here or you can preview the text file here. This mod was created by Dave Wallin with the vocal stylings of Siv Colleta to round it all out. The email address listed in the text file for both of these people are long since closed. If anyone has any way for me to get in touch with them I'd be grateful for your help.

I'd like to thank the members of Team Reaction, particularly Aaron Gilmore and Bryan McDonald, for helping me get in touch with Dave Wallin, who sent me this:

SPISPOPD grew from my love of the FAQ and I thought it would be really funny if someone actually tried to make SPISPOPD. While Jamul's SPISPOPD is fun, I don't think it really captures the fun of mutilating an innocent gourd. So, for this mod I made it so you can pick up pumpkins and throw them, shoot them, blow them up, ect. The pumpkins all have 5-6 stages of damage, so they actually dent and squish as you beat on them. I got my friend Siv to record some of the grunting noises when you pick up the pumpkins and heave them and I think he did the farmer voice (I don't remember it was so long ago). The farmer dude was just added in for fun so you would have something to heave your pumpkins at. SPISPOPD can also be played in multiplayer! For extra fun, try throwing pumpkins on the roof!! Okay, so it's not really that exciting, but it's SPISPOPD. It could have turned out to be a cool mod if I added some more levels and a storyline. I'm tempted to release the source code if anyone is interested in fooling around with it.
- Dave Wallin

Below are some screen shots taken from GLQuake.


Here we see Farmer John patrolling his pumpkin patch, on the lookout for slugs, pumpkin weevils and evil pumpkin squishers like you!


Now you've got a pumpkin and are about to plant old Farmer John in the ground.


Farmer John buys the farm!


I once embarked on what turned out to be a fool's errand - the creation of an entire 9-map DOOM Episode. Most of the maps never made it out of the early Aplha stages, though a few did survive to completion (you can download them on my DOOM page). In one of the maps that did not get finished I placed an arcade with various game machines including: DOOM, Keen IX, Puke Man, Death Pong, Roids and SPISPOPD. Here, publicly viewed for the first time, are screenshots of the SPISPOPD video game machine from that unfinished map. The pumpkins were stolen from Jamul's SPISPOPD game, as was the "You Suck" death message.
The status bar used in these shots is also available for download on my DOOM page.

We see SPISPOPD and Death Pong calling to us to play a game.


We suck. It looks like Roids is out of order. :( Yes, the screens on all these machines were animated.

- Richard R Ward, 15 November, 2000.
Updated 30 January, 2001.
Minor spelling error fixed 08 January, 2002.