From: [email address removed] (David Taylor)
Subject: idNews: release 1.1
Date: 15 Dec 1993 19:34:57 -0600
Organization: id Software

Will be releasing the new version (actually, we're calling it 1.1 now because the original uploads were called DOOM1_0) this evening. We are going to use the 1.95 4GWPRO dos extender for the new version and patch, but if you have difficulty with it, we will provide other executables that you can try with the 1.8 DOS4GW extender and 1.94 4GWPRO extender.

Yes, we think this business with flakey extender versions is a pain, too. The price we pay for wanting to make this game on a platform with a market. PC's. DOS. Sigh.

Can't believe y'all found the cheat codes so fast. I sorta munged 'em up, too! Sheesh. By the way, I think y'all missed a cheat code. "iddt" in the automap. Try it a couple of times. A short background thing: "dqd" stands for Delta-Q-Delta, an informal fraternity that two other hackers and I made up. The requirements were getting a "Q" in your class (stands for "Quit"- like failing but it doesn't go on your GPA. we impressed our friends with programming feats but weren't exactly scholastic role models- so far only one of us has graduated :). The "spispopd" is complements of the Usenet. See Seth Cohn's post. "Choppers" is a State Programming Contest game that a friend of mine named Guy Maor helped write (-GM). He's a little defensive of it 'cause it wasn't *quite* finished on the release day. Was a cool two-player Rescue Raiders rip-off. He was drunk and talk'd [to] me one night, and I thought I'd put it in. I believe that you'll get a chainsaw from it and be invulnerable (just checked the code- yeah, should make you invulnerable but i never tested it).

Please don't bang too hard on the ftp sites tonight. We caused a lot of ftp sites to crash on the release day. Thanks..