Subject: Re: The meaning of IDSPISPOPD
From: [email address removed] (Richard Ward)
Date: 1995/07/21
Organization: Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems

in article <3um3a6$>, Paolo "Nusco" Perrotta [email address removed] wrote:
>Well, today I was looking for an old iD game on, and I
>came across something called "spispopd". I took off the text file.
>It's a game. It's from a company named Jam L, and the author names
>bear no resemblance to anyone from iD I know about. I don't think this
>is a coincidence... Maybe the iD guys just liked the title as much as
>I do.

Too bad it's not in the DOOM FAQ (Hank decided it took too much space (or something)) (Hank, ever gonna update that thing?) and if you were not playing DOOM two years ago you might not even know what the planet of hell was going on with this.

Okay, a quick refresher course on the Pre-Hystery of DOOM:

Way back in the dark ages of November 1993 gamers on the 'Net were waiting in eager anticipation for ID's latest offering: DOOM. In these days there were no DOOM newsgroups so the action was in DOOM was six (or so) months overdue with only pre-release material (25% of the DOOM FAQ, BTW), and a few screen shots to appease the waiting masses.

Tensions were running at a fever pitch as "we" began to debate what was going to be in this new game. Along the way someone mentioned that DOOM would not be the topic of such heated discussion if it did not have such a cool name, but was called something awkward like Smashing Pumpkins Into Small Piles of Putrid Debris. Within minutes someone had contracted it into S.P.I.S.P.O.P.D and claimed to have played the Gamma version of this game. Within the day a rash of joke posts describing a game that would pale DOOM (and I mean that) flooded c.s.i.p.g.a. For the Wanna DOOMers it was a great release of tension, for everyone else it was a real pain in the ass.

At some point in time Seth Cohn decided to write a FAQ for SPISPOPD pretty much lampooning Hanks pre-release DOOM FAQ and ID software. The joke persisted until those "outside the loop" made enough noise that the SPISheads gave it up.

Someone else (JAMUL) decided to capitalize on this joke and wrote SPISPOPD in a 48 hour period. While SPISPOPD does not measure up to the hype generated by the gag posts it is still a pretty fun game and is considered by many old time DOOMers (those of us who downloaded DOOM on Dec 13, 1993) as DOOM's slightly inbred cousin.

Someone at ID saw all the hooha about SPISPOPD and Dave Taylor wrote it into the game as one of the cheat codes as a nod to the Usenet community.

I am sometimes dismayed that this part of DOOM's history has been so completely ignored by those who claim to chronicle DOOM. Maybe the story of SPISPOPD should be put in the RGCD FAQ since it is unlikely Hank will ever put it in his FAQ (will Hank ever update the DOOM FAQ?).

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