Subject: Re: Idspispopd meaning?
From: [email address removed] <Richard Ward>
Date: 1996/02/23
Organization: Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems

In article <4ggcst$>,
Colin Mahoney [email address removed] wrote:
>>I don't think that album was out when Idspispopd came along. To my
>>recollection someone started a joke thread before Doom was officially
>>released about a game called was pretty funny for the
>>first week, but less so for the following months.
>> Ron.
>Ok, just a quick recap for those of you new to this topic (the rest can just
>skip right on by, nothing new here...)
>DOOM had been out for a while. Some guy got on
>(the only group 'round for DOOM at that time) and posted about how he could
>care less about DOOM, and would in fact like to put it in his kill file, but
>didn't really want to as the word doom was quite common in the subject lines
>of that newsgroup, even when people were not talking about the game, and he
>did not want to miss those posts. He suggested (in jest) that ID name thier
>next game something not quite so likely to be used in other headers, such as
>oh say "Smashing Pumpkins Into Small Piles Of Putrid Debris". One can agree
>that the acronym SPISPOPD was not very likely to be commonly used :) Of
>course, once the people on Usenet got ahold of this, it got quite out of hand.
>Many different names were suggested for ID next game, and some guy evenwent
>so far as to write an actual game called SPISPOPD. It was a top view game
>remanicant of The Legend of Zelda (if anyone remember THAT old game :)). It
>was actually not that bad, especially considering that he wrote it in, no
>joke, less than 48 hours (he had a plane to catch :)). This topic became so
>rampant that even ID became aware of it, and when the next version of DOOM
>came out, they had renamed the no clipping cheat code to IDSPISPOPD (the ID
>part is because ALL DOOM cheat codes start with the two letter string ID, like
>all Duke Nukem ones start with DN). And that is the short (believe me, back
>then MUCH more was written about it) version of the genesis of IDSPISPOPD.
>Now you know. :)

Close, but a few minor errors. SPISPOPD started out like you said, except that the insanity of the posts started almost at once. Being just weeks before DOOM was relased (November 1993), the tension in c.s.i.p.g.a was almost too much to bear. Anyway, people started discribing SPISPOPD as a game that was all we (secretly) hoped DOOM would be (ruby lasers, all kinds of stuff) with several hundred levels and boss monsters like Linus Van Pelt and The Great Pumpkin. Seth Cohn created the SPISPOPD FAQ within a few days, lampooning Hank Luekart's (even then) bloated FAQ with all kinds of silly changes to the Names of The Innocent. Dave Taylor at ID software caught wind of the insanity and included SPISPOPD in the cheat codes of the first release of DOOM (it was changed to IDCLIP for DOOM ][, but is still IDSPISPOPD in DOOM to this day (even Ultimate DOOM)). As a matter of fact, it was one of the first cheat codes found (within a day of DOOM's release (Dec 13, 1993). SPISPOPD (the real thing) was written in 48 hours right before Winter Break after DOOM came out. (you know, I ought to right a FAQ about this...)
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