From: [email address removed] (Jesper Rene Frandsen)
Subject: SPISPOPD is being ported to ZX81!
Date: 3 Dec 1993 09:58:44 GMT
Keywords: ZX81,SPISPOPD,KickAssGame

I'm currently working on a port of SPISPOPD for the ZX81. At the moment it will only run with the 16 Kb RAM extension and 2 Mb tape swap space, but I hope to cram the whole thing down to run on a standard 1 Kb RAM machine.

Of course the raytraced effects will no appear as fancy as on the SGI version but still it will kick butt! The frame rate is about 60, so all animations are completely smooth.

Our tech-division are planning to build a 100W Surround Sound device to plug in the back of the ZX81. Price is expected to land around $99.95.

I'll be in touch.

"SPISPOPD will be to Doom what Doom was to Pong." -- an anonymous representative from Id.