From: [email address removed] (Commander Spock)
Subject: Re: ELITE ][ must DIE a horrible ddeath!
Organization: Galactic Frungy League
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1993 15:08:37 GMT

In article [deleted] (Papp Denis Richard) writes:
>From: [email address removed] (Papp Denis Richard)
>Subject: Re: ELITE ][ must DIE a horrible ddeath!
>Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1993 05:48:19 GMT

>[email address removed] (Mark Shanks) writes:

>>In article <[deleted]> [email address removed] (Pigdog of SF Bay Area) writes:
>>>I hope the author of that game is roped to a large block of cement, has his
>>>mouth forced up by a C-clamp, and has *every* last tooth in his mouth
>>>drilled to dust with a dremmel tool. Then, I will personally dump a 64
>>>oz. Big Gulp, filled with slurpy ice, into his mouth!
>>>People, this man must be shot in the head.

>>(Much similar-vein material deleted)

>>Oh, dearie me! Sounds like a plotline for a new MK-type game...

>>Who would buy a game like for the plotline?
>   Just have some cheesy objective (ala Hollywood), and hey, its good enough!

>And some people might actually like having a 64 oz. Big Gulp filled with Slurpy Ice (is it
>a still a big gulp then?) shoved down your throat. Or maybe he meant Big Gulpie. I believe
>thats some kind of fish. I dont really like sushi, so...

>How's the plotline in SPISPOPD anyways?

How is the plotline? Incredible! With SPISPOPD, you get great squash squashing action AND a plot worthy of a bestseller novel unto itself... Not to give anything away, but the hunchbacked pumpkin grower you meet after chapter 3 turns out to be more than meets the eye ;) (I talked to the design team, and they mentioned that the multiple plot threads grow exponentially as you play the game, and that the imbedded AI actually creates a plot as you play, depicting it on the screen for the player to experience!!! And at the final chapter all the plotlines get wrapped up in one awesome pumpkin' stomping finale!!!

With SPISPOPD, you can have your pumpkin pie, and eat it too!!

    - Rich (Be you wish you had the NEW beta!)

My head is spinning from motion sickness and my arms feel worn out, as if I had actually BEEN there smashing endless hordes of lifeless gourds!!!

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