From: [email address removed] (Don Perlando)
Subject: SPIS
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 93 19:21:05 EST
Organization: Bowker Electronic Publishing, New Providence NJ

Well folks, we're unfortunately going to have to delay the game until at least July '94 due to a complete rewrite (the 97th time, I might add) of the engine. It's just not giving us the level of performance we want to get out of a CGA-equipped XT. However, the VIC-20 version *will* still be coming out in February, on a groundbreaking 128k ROM cartridge! The beta testers are enthralled with it, and we're sure you will be too.

Oh yeah, this is another note: due to legal threats from some band in Chicago with the name "Smashing Pumpkins," we're looking for a new name. So send your idea for a new name for SPISPOPD to! The winning entry will be chosen December 31st, 1993 and the author of the winning entry will receive a year's supply of pumpkin seeds, along with a copy of the game signed by none other than Sven Grahme, SPISPOD's art director and cover artist.


   Don Perlando, Chief Software Engineer and Belgian Waffle Chef
 Ego Software - creators of the award winning Vendellastein 38DDD

                  * Coming this Spring *
    SPISPOPD, a game that'll put you in the best MOOD ever!

      Versions coming for Commodore Vic-20, SGI, Apple Lisa,
     IBM PC (XT minimum required) and Yanachi CyberDeck 3000.