From: [email address removed] (Phillip Hardy)
Subject: Re: ** SPISPOPD BETA [0/10] **
Organization: phillips linux Box (Linux and proud)
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1993 21:44:45 GMT

Aaron Smith ([email address removed]) wrote:
:[email address removed](Neal W. Miller) writes:
:>What is this, REALLY?
:> I just DL'ed is, and scary enough, it *IS* SPISPOPD. I don't think
:> it's quite at the level of hi-tech programming as we've been hearing about,
:> but it *is* vga, and there *is* SB support. The only problem is that it
:> locks up my machine (486-50dx) as soon as the first level starts.
: It is pretty scary... I really and truly don't think it's what it was
:cracked up to be.. Sure, it sounds okay, but the graphics aren't all that
:great and the playability sucks..

Love the god mode. i set gravity to -1000 and i was sucked into the void of space :) amazing game good work ego software :) full marks....
i just wish you had some better flame throwers :)
mmmm where is the digitized jean cluad van dam.... sceans?
i want me $$ back.... (hell this is shareware but hay you know what its like i want this, i want that......)

keep up the good work. when is the next 1 terabyte patch comeing out?
See ya.


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