The Wage of Sim Has closed!

Alice Goobers Bianca Slotkin-Goobers Karen Goobers Spaz Petri
Reginald L Beefcake Cynthia Jones Albert Jones Orville T Rickenbacher
Cannibal Flector Gerald La Grange Dr. Frank Madam Tracey
Officer Janice Dredd Samantha Carlson Alexis Amanda Abercrombie
On March 6th, 2000, The Wage of Sim looked out upon the cold face of the ether for the first time and on June 30th, 2002, The Wage of Sim closed for good. What started out as a small side page on my main page, Trilobite.Org, turned into a time and money eating monster consuming 2½ gigabytes of bandwidth every day. I enjoyed the 2¼ years that the Wage of Sim lasted and I don't regret a minute of it.

I would like to thank everyone who sent in corrections, questions, suggestions, donations, and those of you who just visited my humble little page.

I would like to extend special thanks to my guest artists: Mary Baker, Wedgie, Keith "Spanki" Young, Mike of HollySim, Rakki, George West, All Mighty Lord, and Xyers.

I would Like to thank the fine people at Interland.Com (host of Trilobite.Org) who were understanding about the month this site went ballistic and consumed seven times my monthly limit, and the people at Pair.Com who gave The Wage of Sim a reasonably priced home when it outgrew the resources of Trilobite.org.

The crew (none of whom actually exist, but don't try and tell them that) would like to say goodbye.
Top: Alice Goobers, Bianca Slotkin-Goobers, Karen Goobers, Spaz Petri.
Second: Reginald L. Beefcake, Cynthia Jones, Albert Jones, Orville T Rickenbacher.
Third: Cannibal Flector, Gerald La Grange, Dr. Frank, Madam Tracey.
Bottom: Officer Janice Dredd, Samantha Carlson, Alexis Amanda Abercrombie.

Richard R Ward, 30 June, 2002.

16 April 2004 - Update: While visiting family in California I had the opportunity to meet former guest artist Mary Baker. Mary is the first on-line friend I've ever met in person. Mary is one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Unfortunately, her site has suffered fate as The Wage of Sim: death by success.

22 April 2021 - Update: Removed dead link to Interland.Com

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